About Us

Our Objectives

The Objectives of the Board of Management are:

  • To establish the Foundation as an organisation that fosters the pursuits of young achievers.
  • To receive and consider written applications from younger members and residents for assistance in improving their performances in their particular field of endeavour.
  • To consider and implement programs and events that will help develop, foster and promote their chose sports and the arts.

To plan, organise, promote and conduct fundraising activities to help achieve our aims.


The Sanctuary Lakes Foundation’s origins are found in the early stages of the development of the Sanctuary Lakes Resort. It was envisaged that the Foundation would serve as a vehicle to develop young elite golfers within the golf club such as Cameron Percy, Chris Hynes and Kate McIntosh.

As time went by the Foundation’s objectives were broadened with an increased emphasis on junior development not only in golf but also other sports and the arts. This includes the following:

  • Increase the uptake and participation of young people.
  • Encourage and foster development within the aspirant’s chosen field.
  • Assist the formation and development of Sanctuary Lakes representative teams.

Our Activities

The Foundation raises funds through an annual golf day, special efforts, sports oriented luncheons and functions, and other events held during each year.

Today we see regular applications for funding as the reputation and capacity of the Foundation becomes better known in the community. Support has been provided to young professional and amateur golfers, elite junior golfers, junior pennant and VGA Colts pennant teams, junior tennis players, footballers, soccer players, athletes, budding artists and many others. The Foundation has also sponsored a junior arts encouragement program in The City of Wyndham.

It is through the help of the community that the Sanctuary lakes Foundation can help the youth of the region.   The Foundation will continue to expand its activities in the interest of the community and in doing so we will look to our many supporters for their help and ideas to achieve our goals.

We ask that if anyone is interested in assisting the Foundation by way of sponsorships, donations, etc., please contact the Foundation Chairman Stuart Todd at  or Secretary Graeme Glasson at  your assistance will be greatly appreciated by us and the youth of the community.

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