Daniel Valente Working Hard

Sanctuary Lakes Foundation graduate Daniel Valente is working hard in 2016 to replicate and hopefully better his order of merit ranking of 2015. Last year, Daniel, DV to just about everyone, finished 18th in the order of merit on the Australian PGA. This was a standout in his relatively short professional golfing career and a credit to his dedication and hard work.

I recently caught up with DV on the range at Sanctuary Lakes before heading off to various parts of Australia and Asia. He was working hard on distance control of his wedges, setting witches hats at various distances and hitting different shots to the different distances. It was great to watch such control, the ball flight, and the sound the shots made. They were totally different to the shots I made.

Anyway, go hard DV. Believe in yourself in the way that the Foundation believes in you. We look forward to a breakthrough win soon.

You can follow DV’s successes on the PGA web site @ http://www.pga.org.au. The most recent stories on DV can be found at Stories on DV at the PGA.

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